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A Mission of Practical Compassion

One phrase that captures the heart and soul of TNN’s thirty years of life-affirming service is “compassion in action.”

Throughout its history, the goal of the Nurturing Network has been to journey alongside the most vulnerable in our society – helping them to help themselves. This form of empowerment is witnessed in the hopeful lives of the thousands of clients that TNN has served. We invite you to be inspired by their personal stories of compassion in action. Each client of the Nurturing Network is truly a “profile in courage." This is why the Nurturing Network is an ongoing love story.  Actually, it is many love stories – the down-to earth tales of everyday people whose courage and grace are exceptional:


  • 25,000 women who faced the extraordinary challenges of an unplanned pregnancy with strength and conviction.
  • 52,000 TNN volunteer members who reached out with tangible resources to offer hope and healing.

Healing words have been spoken each day at the Nurturing Network. They find their way home in every human heart that has ever known suffering:

“You are a beloved child of God. No matter what mistake you may have made or harm that may have been inflicted upon you, your life is unique and precious. You are of infinite value and have become more so through your woundedness.” ~ Mary Cunningham Agee