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TNN’s Founder Reflects: How We Began -- Our Accomplishments


One of the most meaningful experiences in my life has been the opportunity of founding and managing the Nurturing Network.


To augment what you may already know about this life-affirming program, it was an international charitable organization that I founded in 1985 following the loss of my first child in a mid-trimester miscarriage.


As I considered with far greater empathy how women who face the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy alone must feel when they believe that they have no other “choice” than abortion, I could more fully understand that it is truly not enough to say that we are “for life” unless we are prepared to help provide the practical means to support life.


In the quiet moments following my own miscarriage, I became increasingly aware that out of the death of one could be saved the lives of many. With renewed energy and commitment, I began to research the industry of abortion -- whom it serves and how the women who seek this solution arrive at this decision.


My informal research revealed that behind most abortion statistics lies a startling truth: The vast majority of women who “choose” abortion feel it is their only alternative. In other words, most women who undergo this medical procedure do not experience anything close to the popular rhetoric that refers to “freedom of choice.”  As I stated in our founding brochure:


"Our goal at the Nurturing Network
is to ensure that every pregnant woman
will know the comfort and freedom
of having the support she needs
in order to nurture her child's life . . .
and make the most of hers as well."


TNN’s 52,000 volunteer Member Resources formed an extensive employment, medical, educational, counseling and residential Network which enabled each woman to continue the life of her unborn child -- without sacrificing her own educational or career development.


By placing values into action, our volunteer Members, Corporations and Foundations from all across the country were able to provide for the comprehensive needs of 25,000 mothers whose own support systems had let them down.


Whenever confidentiality or safety was an issue, our unique program facilitated the relocation of our Client to one of our Nurturing Families where she received as much assistance as she needed in her new environment.


I hope that you will take a moment on this website to learn more about the “Maternal Profiles in Courage” whom we have been privileged to serve. I encourage you to please consider how you might continue this gentle, healing approach in the work to which you feel uniquely called.


I thank you for all the meaningful ways that you are helping to build an authentic and lasting culture of life. 


With Gratitude,
Mary Cunningham Agee, Founder