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TNN’s Founding Philosophy


  • “Freedom of 'choice' without real options is meaningless.”


  • “Of the two basic choices . . . abortion and birth . . . only the first has been made easily and widely available to single pregnant women.”


  • “The absence of real choice is of particular concern because it is known that the single most significant influence on both the speed and degree of recovery from any life crisis is a person's ability to regain control over one's life.”


  • “The woman wanting to exercise her choice for the birth alternative often does not have the financial, medical or emotional resources necessary to carry out this decision.”


  • “Another alternative is needed . . . one that will enable mothers-to-be to make a quality choice . . . one that provides her as much support in the exercise of the birth option as she already has available with the abortion option.”


  • “It is fair to say that an unwanted pregnancy need not result in an unwanted baby since over two million parents each year express a willingness and desire to adopt a child but cannot due to limited availability.”


  • “The moral and practical responsibility to decide what is best cannot be assumed by any other person or organization . . . no matter how caring or well-intentioned. The responsibility lies with the mother.”


  • “This responsibility can best be supported by a well-organized Network of caring professionals, united in their goal to fully provide for a mother's medical, psychological, educational, occupational, residential and social needs. They must share in common a willingness to place the mother's needs as primary to all others.”


  • “In order for this Network to be fully effective, it must include an extensive referral base with existing agencies and organizations whose goals may be similar but whose capacities may be limited or those whose priority or prime advocacy may be the unborn child, the potentially adoptive parents, or any other party other than the mother with a crisis pregnancy.”


  • “Those mothers who decide that raising a child is untimely or unfeasible for psychological, financial, or social reasons should be offered confidential and sensitive guidance about adoption possibilities, in an effort to meet the mother's needs and wishes as well as the needs of the child.”