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How can we possibly solve far-reaching problems of such immense proportions?

Collaboration, cooperation and shared commitment are core values guiding the strategic plan that has served TNN’s clients and members for more than three decades. 


We remain steadfast in our belief that networking with individuals, foundations, corporations and other charitable programs is the most effective approach to serving the needs of the most vulnerable.


It is a simple but profound truth that there is no substitute for the personal, time-intensive one-on-one listening and caring that are at the heart of all effective problem solving. 


Every tangible resource … every pebble of compassion that we drop into the ocean of abuse ripples out to shores beyond our knowing. The very act of reaching out lays the groundwork for peace in our hearts, our homes our nations and our world.


Together we can turn tears of sadness into hope and joy for a person in need … one life at a time. It is a calling that demands the very best we each have to offer.