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TNN’s Founder Reflects Upon the Meaning of Practical Compassion








Common Ground

Emotionally charged rhetoric and divisive debate have too often distracted both the pro-life and pro-choice movements from serving the mother and child at the heart of this crisis. The time has come to recognize the vast common ground that exists between these two allegedly incompatible groups.


Those who support 'choice' can hardly dispute the value of creating another choice: those who support life can hardly reject an alternative made real. In a spirit of mutual respect and understanding, we can bind up the wounds of suspicion and heal the torn fabric of our society.


Gifts from TNN members


Through the generosity of over 52,000 volunteer Members nationwide, TNN has provided a positive alternative to abortion by offering each mother facing the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy an individually-tailored program of practical support free of charge. Placing special emphasis on assisting college and working women, TNN's comprehensive program of support includes professional counseling, medical services, residential assistance, educational, employment and financial resources.


Culturally-defining human rights issue


The time has come to infuse one of the most culturally-defining civil and human rights movement of our time with new hope and energy. Where better to inspire a deep respect for the value of life than on college campuses all across America where the idealism and activism of young people provide so much reason for optimism.


Unity, urgency and intensity


At this pivotal time in our nation's history, we all struggle with the question of what more can be done to promote an authentic culture of life. Political maneuvering, deceptive rhetoric, media distortion and internal dissension have discouraged all but the most resilient. It is clear that we must confront this national tragedy with greater urgency and intensity,


A personal gift . . .one life at a time

Our ability to embrace the future with genuine hope and courage will depend fundamentally upon our willingness to more fully believe, consistently live, and patiently teach about each and every person's belovedness as children of God. Let us joyfully persevere in nurturing each fragile human life - one life at a time.