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Profile of TNN Founder and President,
Mary Cunningham Agee

Mary Cunningham Agee is the Founder and President of the Nurturing Network, an international, charitable organization that provides for the urgent and practical needs of women faced with the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy. Through TNN's extensive international Network of Member Resources, Mary has been able to provide a positive alternative to abortion by offering each mother an individually-tailored program of comprehensive support free of charge.

Her commitment for three decades to empowering mothers in crisis with life-affirming assistance is magnified by additional leadership roles at both the local and national levels.

Wife, mother and best-selling author, Mary Cunningham Agee is the mother of three children, one of whom died in a second term miscarriage. It was this personal loss that riveted her heart and redirected her mind to the pivotal societal issue of abortion. At a time when most pro-life work was argumentative and confrontational, Mary shifted the emphasis from the obvious harm that abortion causes an unborn child to the profound challenges it inflicts upon the life of the mother.

Mary's education includes a BA with Honors from Wellesley College ('73) where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.  She was nominated twice for a Danforth Fellowship and received a Slater fellowship for advanced study in Law, Ethics and Political Philosophy. She earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School ('79) and studied Law and Jurisprudence at the University of Notre Dame and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. She has been awarded seven honorary doctorates for her work over the past three decades in trying to alleviate the suffering of women and children. She is a devoted wife of 30 years and the dedicated mother of two children whom she home-schooled for many years.

Mary was one of the first women in America to "break the glass ceiling" by serving in the Senior Management of two Fortune 100 Companies as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. She wrote a NYT best-selling autobiography about her experience at Bendix and Joseph E. Seagram & Sons and was twice voted by World Almanac as one of the "Twenty-five most influential women in America."   She was chosen by the HBS Alumni Association as an honoree for the "50 Years of Women at Harvard Business School" celebration which recognized 100 women whose leadership has made an impact in their communities.

She has been given the opportunity to shared her insights about corporate culture, women in business and professional ethics at the National Platform Association, the Commonwealth Club of California, the Young President's Organization and the American Newspaper Publisher's Association. Her views have been featured in American Women Activists' Writings - An Anthology, 1637-2002 and mainstream publications including the Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping and Newsweek. She has appeared on many prime time television and radio shows including Barbara Walters, Peter Jennings, Donahue, The Today Show, EWTN and Good Morning America.

Mary is the President and CEO of the Nurturing Network, Aurea Estate Wines, Inc, and Semper Charitable Foundation. She serves on the Board of Overseers for the Aquinas House at Dartmouth College and the Board of Directors for FADICA and Clinica Verde in Nicaragua.   She serves as a Fellow of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology at Berkeley.  She has also served as a Chairman's Advisor for both the Journal of Business Strategy and the Strategic Planning Committee of the Conference Board.  She was chosen by Cambridge Who's Who as Entrepreneur of the Year for the Not-For-Profit-Sector.

Drawing upon her academic background and senior management experience in corporate America, Mary has helped to alleviate the loneliness and pain of mothers in crisis who otherwise lack the practical, emotional and financial means to support the life of their unborn children. Mary is untiring in her efforts to encourage others to place their values into action to build an "authentic and lasting culture of life...one choice at a time."

Mary poignantly wrote in the Nurturing Network's first published Brochure: "Those who support 'choice' can hardly dispute the value of creating another choice; those who support life can hardly reject an alternative made real."

Those words have empowered 52,000 volunteers to bring hope and healing to 25,000 women and their children.

Please refer to Mary Cunningham Agee's detailed Curriculum Vitae and published works.