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Reflections from the Founder

Each person touched by the Nurturing Network soon discovers that they have embarked upon a Journey with no discernible beginning or end. Whether a Client, a Member or a Servant Leader, each person enters through the same narrow Gateway.


They move on to both offer and receive Gifts. This loving energy lives on to nurture the seeds of a Harvest that becomes more abundant with each passing season.


Perhaps this is why those associated with the Nurturing Network often refer to their experience as “a Journey of the Heart.” I hope that this collective voyage might never be forgotten.


Each person plays a unique and essential role in this unending love story. I invite you to meet the unsung heroes who give meaning to the phrase “Compassion in Action.”:


Clients who find the courage to trust again, to overcome fear and accept practical support from total strangers.


Volunteer Members who nurture in more ways than can be captured in words.


Families who open their heart and home to a person whose own family is unable or unwilling.


Doctors and nurses who provide medical care without charge and with the utmost of respect.


Counselors who listen and guide, encourage and inspire at any hour of the day or night.


Employers who find a place at the professional table for a person who needs to keep their resume intact and their family nourished.


Leaders in academia who provide expedited transfers to ensure that a person’s educational plans will not be interrupted or compromised.

Lawyers who offer free consultations when legal maneuvering has intimidated and undermined a person’s safety or resolve.

Benefactors who fund tuition payments when a scholarship is lost, medical bills when family resources are denied, rent and groceries when safety risks require a confidential relocation.

Board members who guide and inspire the leadership of TNN while serving as Members in all of the ways mentioned above.

Staff members who choose to devote countless hours of work each week and still donate their compensation.

These are the unforgettable characters
who are writing the script for the love stories
you are about to read.
They are the wayfarers along the path
to a more hopeful life.


I invite you to take this opportunity to meet the Clients, Members and Servant Leaders who have been and continue to form the Nurturing Network.


Consider the kind of world we are helping to form.
Quietly and effectively,
communities are being created.
Families are being born.
Friendships are being forged.
Unconditional love is taking its rightful bow.

I hope that while visiting our website, you may be moved to take this Journey with me. You may have your own hidden love story or you may sense that the “profiles in courage” featured here sound very much like your own sister or brother, your parents, your child, or your very best friend.


I invite you to take the hand
of someone waiting to walk
through the Gateway—to hope.
You can make that difference.
One that will be remembered
for a lifetime -- and beyond.


 Let the Journey begin . . .