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The Journey Continues ...

The binding of deep wounds and the healing of broken hearts is an intensely intimate and essentially practical experience.


The simple but profound truth is that there is no efficient or effective substitute for the private, personal, time-intensive conversations that translate beyond words -- into hope.


You are a beloved child of God
No matter what mistake you may have made
or offense you may have committed,
your life is precious and of infinite value.
Your gift of life is unique
and only has become more so

through your woundedness.


These are the healing words that are spoken each day at the Nurturing Network. They ring true and find their way home in every human heart.


Perhaps it is time for you to say these tender words to someone you know. Or, even better, perhaps you are ready to offer them to yourself or someone you are about to meet.


This is the Journey we take each day
At the Nurturing Network.
We welcome you to walk alongside us
As we bring hope and healing
To the most vulnerable in our midst.