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The Nurturing Network: A Common Ground for Action

Emotionally charged rhetoric and divisive debate have too often distracted both the pro-life and pro-choice political movements from the mother and child at the heart of this crisis.


The Nurturing Network’s practical approach to this politically divisive issue has been an invaluable resource in building constructive coalitions among people of widely divergent views.


For more than two decades, the Nurturing Network has provided proof that there exists a vast common ground between these two allegedly incompatible groups.


As TNN’s Founder stated 30 years ago in TNN’s Member brochure,“Those who support ‘choice’ can hardly dispute the value of creating another choice; those who support ‘life’ can hardly reject an alternative made real.”How very true!


In a spirit of mutual respect and understanding, TNN works daily to bind up the wounds of suspicion and harsh judgment that have torn the fabric of our society.


The Nurturing Network enjoys broad-based support because its leadership has avoided labels that would fit TNN into a narrow mold. Whether those labels are religious, feminist, ethnic, or any other, TNN’s management believes that they tend to restrict rather than expand thinking and do nothing to actually assist a woman in crisis.


There are many people of conscience and compassion who are on the fence, confused and even misinformed about this issue and how it impacts women’s rights. The Nurturing Network’s tone and substance offer a prototype of how a divisive issue can be approached in a healing and constructive way. TNN responds with flexibility and creativity to ensure that no woman feels forced to choose a more desperate alternative.


The Nurturing Network has been referred to as a “beacon of hope”and a “demilitarized zone in America’s cultural civil war” ranging from the CBS 48 Hours to Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal.


TNN’s President has demonstrated that when we communicate respectfully on this pivotal issue, progress in achieving the broader goal of peace in our families, our businesses and our institutions can be made.